About us

About the company

Prompt Ambulance Service is the first dedicated Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Provider in Central Luzon living to its advocacy of “Saving Lives….Saving Souls….” It is our mission to provide the general public access to an EMS System.

Launched in 2012, Prompt C.A.R.E. EMS Solutions Provider is a division of Prompt C.A.R.E. Learning Center, Inc. and offered an affordable membership based ambulance transport service with the objective of providing competent and Certified EMS Practitioners during emergency response, medical standby for events, and inter-facility transfer for critical or non-critical patients.

Through the years we have learned to quickly adapt to the ever unique and changing needs of each type of business and industry ranging from a simple gathering going to a more intense one and even from an ordinary medical standby coverage into a traumatic incident or medical cases involving life threatening situation or even to a stressful but fulfilling and wonderful feeling of a childbirth. No matter what the situation may be or the time it happens Prompt Ambulance Service will answer to your needs professionally and PROMPTLY…

Finally in 2016, to further serve the community with distinction in service. Prompt Ambulance Service was formally separated from Prompt C.A.R.E. Learning Center, Inc. as a private ambulance service and adopted a latest concept of an On Site Emergency Medical Services Coverage; this will allow us to provide flexibility and diversified services while maintaining the idea a providing the most cost effective price to the clients.

With our dedication to Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Prompt Ambulance Service maintains a professional avenue for providing continuing education for the staff and a steady supply of Certified EMS Providers through Prompt C.A.R.E. Learning Center, Inc. as its educational and training partner.

Furthermore, the service maintains emergency response units with certified personnel that render quality emergency medical care to patients that are consistent with good health and safety practices, the ambulance service is required to perform its services in accordance with the regulations adopted and promulgated by the service.