Event Management Services



As the client your objective is to run an event which is enjoyed by all who attend it, and which is remembered for all the right reasons. Safety is always paramount and the ever present risk of accident or sudden illness which can affect staff or visitors must always be taken into consideration.

Our aim is to ensure that the medical cover in place will deal with such problems calmly and professionally with minimal disruption to the event. There are guidelines in place issued as to the legal responsibilities of the organizer to appoint an experienced and competent provider of medical services to deal with any untoward incident that may arise as a result of a planned event.

Our Event Management Services Package is a complete cover of the following:

  • Ambulance Service with regular team
  • Additional Medical Personnel (EMT’s)
  • Medical First Aid Station
  • Emergency Medical Responder on Bikes (EMR on Bikes: either Motorcycles or Mountain Bikes)
  • Centralized Communication Set up
  • Event Marshals


  1. Ambulance Outfitting Projects (Prompt Emergency Vehicle Outfitter)
  2. Community Base Training